HELB you saved me….


My name is Grace Gathura. I’m the fourth born in a family of six. There are two girls and four boys. I love my family to death because they are the closest thing I have to angels and God. They have seen me through my shadiest days when I had no idea that Kenya had national and official languages to the point when I work so hard to forget my native language. Continue reading

online Marketing day 3: deactivated user


I managed to get someone who will give me a URL and I shot from my bed on Monday morning. I’m ready to become a millionaire.<!–more–>

So today I’ve reloaded my phone with the 3k and URL ready for signing in. I start the modem and I’m so excited. There is a login form where I key in my name and contact. Then the usual secret code which I’ve never understood their purpose.

Then I get a red error;

That’s it for the day.

Career Big Wigs


In our effort to upgrade the twitter trends in Kenya so that they are not only informative they should at some level generate income. Continue reading